Brand new Waterproof Dry Bag Boating Backpack: 20L Lightweight Top Roll Dry Rucksack Water Proof Drybag Sack Drysack for Sup Boat Kayak Kayaking Camping Swimming Sailing Men Women ref/am/ey/onb In the name of Jesus Christ, our saviour ( PBUH ) ( no international buyers, only United Kingdom buyers pls ) visit website :- visit website :- selling computers, mobile phones, laptops jewellery etc. We're trusted - with over 44,000 Trustpilot reviews and an 'Excellent' rating We verify all of our sellers - you can shop millions of products with confidence Waterproof design: crafted with premium and odorless polyester, our rolltop floating dry bag is superior in waterproof performance, meanwhile, the inner waterproof PVC strips allow for a better seal, which will double the waterproof effect, and provide perfect protection for your items in kayaking, canoeing, boating, paddleboarding, surfing and other water sports Ultralight, portable, multiple colors: this waterproof dry bag weighs less than 7.1oz, and is about the size of a palm when folded, so you can fold and pack it in your luggage for easy carry. Besides, the dry bag comes in various colors (blue/black/orange) for you to choose from according to your preference Proper 20 litre capacity: large enough to hold lots of stuff you need for your outdoor activities, such as towel, shirt, swimsuit, wetsuit, swim goggles, swimming caps, slippers, carry-on clothing, gloves, key, water bottle, etc., making it a practical and essential gear for beach trip, holiday, travelling, fishing, hiking, cycling, running Dry/wet separation & reflective strip: designed with a front pocket, our compact small waterproof bag enables you to store the wet and dry items separately. In addition, the dry bag is added with a reflective strip which can increase visibility and safety at night Waterproof phone case: apart from the waterproof backpack, you will also receive a waterproof phone case (6.5 inches) for free. With good watertight and sealing performances, the phone case will protect your phone, and allow you to use the phone during the water sport

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