Skins Delay® Natural Serum; Sexual Health Product of The Year 2021 ref/am/ey/onb SEXUAL HEALTH PRODUCT OF THE YEAR 2021: Composed with an award-winning proprietary blend of all-natural ingredients, which are designed to maintain sexual vigour whilst improving endurance. Contains ingredients that can maintain vigour, boost male performance and endurance, whilst aiding faster recovery. KIND TO SKIN NATURAL FORMULA: A natural formula that supports sexual pleasure naturally and is made from a unique PROBOOST formula with natural ingredients that are skin-friendly and will help moisturise your skin. Ingredients include; L-Arginine, Panax Ginseng, Gingko Biloba, Maca Root. USE AGAIN AND AGAIN: Each Skins Delay Serum contains around 200 pumps providing long-lasting value. SKINS DELAY SERUM: The serum allows greater targeting than a spray, so provides a better method of application and higher targeted accuracy and therefore performance. DISCRETION ACCOUNTED FOR: Discreetly packaged when purchased from Amazon and can be applied well in advance for total discretion.

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