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Selling computers Jewellery Clothing etc.

Welcome to Cartoon Mini Store
Our aim is to give you satisfaction service
All our digitals come with a 1yrs guarantee

Free postage on most items
No international buyers
Only uk buyers pls

We accept paypal checkouts
Link your bank card to your paypal account 
Checkout as a guest with your credit card

Style Spec. may differ slightly on some items
Subject to availablity (colour + style)

In this website you will discover :-
Electricals, Digitals, Mobile phones Etc.

A/Z Computer etc. Retailer
Selling all Computers & Accessories
Games, Consoles, Computer Games
Wholesales Clothing deals
All Kind of Jewellery etc.

Email :-
Tel. Cally - 07514652051 for info.
All items posted to your door

Thank you for your co-operation
Regards from Cally

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